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Eat Healthy and Exercise

December 14, 2015

Losing Stomach Fat by Eating the Right Foods

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Believe it or not, there are certain foods that burn belly fat. Some foods that reduce stomach fat are high in monounsaturated fatty acids others are high in calcium.

Many of us know the frustration of dieting and exercising to lose weight, reaching our goal weight, and still having a fat stomach. It seems that belly fat is the last fat to leave our body and the first to come back if we gain pounds after our diet is over. So what can we do about it?

Prevention Magazine belly fat diet suggests you can lose up to 15 pounds the first month with a significant part of it from the stomach. The key to the diet is to eat foods containing monounsaturated fatty acids with every meal. They are called MUFA’s. The diet is divided into four meals a day, each with 400 calories. The MUFA’s to be included with each meal (only one per meal) are nuts, olive oil, avocado, olives, and chocolate.

All of these foods that burn belly fat are extremely good for you and are easy to incorporate into meals. You can’t go over board with them though. They suggest, for instance, 10 olives as a portion or just a few nuts sprinkled into your yogurt or cereal. The chocolate needs to be the semi-sweet kind that is at least 70% cocoa. This is not your regular Hershey’s bar.

In addition to the reduced calorie intake and the MUFA’s, the diet includes drinking 8 cups of water a day. It’s not just any water, it should be sassy water. Here is the recipe for it:

Sassy Water

•2 litres of water

•1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger

•1 medium cucumber, peeled and thinly sliced

•1 medium lemon, thinly sliced

•12 small spearmint leaves

Combine these ingredients in a large pitcher and let flavours blend overnight. Drink the entire pitcher by the end of each day. Please note that an American cucumber is about half the size of an English cucumber.

Lots of people have reported great success with this diet. I think it is important to understand that Prevention states you can lose up to 15 pounds a month. A larger person is more likely to experience this than a short, small-boned person.

How to Lose Stomach Fat in One Weekend

Some dietitians claim you can lose an inch off your waist in one weekend. This crash diet requires eating 105 grams of protein a day divided between meals. The thinking behind this is that it takes much more of your body’s energy to burn protein than it takes to burn carbohydrates. The plan also calls for 1200 mg of calcium per day and drinking lots of water.

The theories behind this diet seem sound. It does take more energy to digest or metabolize meat than it does a slice of bread. Calcium has been shown in recent studies to target belly fat. Drinking lots of water does wash the ketones left by fat burning from the body and this decreases bloating. The question you may ask about this crash diet is, does the stomach stay smaller after the weekend is over?

Reduce Stomach Fat With Calcium

Several studies have shown that foods containing calcium are foods that burn belly fat. The fat on the stomach is metabolically different than fat on other parts of the body. Calcium speeds the loss of this fat. These studies have shown that while calcium supplements work well to reduce stomach fat, dairy foods such as yogurt, milk, and cheese work even better.

November 27, 2015

Is Exercise Enough for Weight Loss?

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Starting Monday morning many thousands of men, but mostly women, will head to the gym in order to burn off the excess calories they have consumed over the weekend. Many will work out for several hours or take several aerobic classes each day in an effort to lose unwanted pounds. If exercise was all it took to lose weight, why aren’t these people slim and fit? There will be some initial weight loss usually the first three weeks when some start to exercise and this encourages many to continue. However, many become very discouraged when they see slow weight loss or no weight loss after working out regularly and diligently.

We see gym members who look exactly the same after working out regularly for 5 years. Why? Because exercise is not enough for weight loss or transforming your body. Exercise is very important in weight loss, if it is done correctly. However, for real results changing your nutrition is essential for permanent weight loss, performance, energy, health and in reaching fitness goals. How important is correct nutrition? In order to really change your body, it is estimated that nutrition makes up 70% of your program. But in reality percentage is even higher than that.

To lose weight permanently, you need a personalized nutrition program that will promote fat loss while maintaining lean mass. More and more people eat out regularly because their lifestyle is so busy, but for real results we need to learn how to shop for the right foods and prepare them correctly. So many women do not cook anymore and so whole families are leaning on fast foods or prepackaged foods for nutrition. Through wellness nutrition you can learn how to simplify your food preparation and save money. When you learn how to eat more healthy foods you will be able to enjoy permanent weight loss.

Through a thorough health screening, each weight loss candidate should receive personalized nutrition for their own personal goals. It is very important that you know your personal protein requirement, for example, and the amount of calories you will need to consume to lose weight. So many are either eating too few calories or too many. You need to know what you need exactly!

So, if you are discouraged because you cannot lose weight or get to the next level, call a fitness trainer or wellness consultant for assistance.

November 9, 2014

Tips and Tricks for The Fastest Way to Lose Weight

Filed under: Diets, Exercise, Weight Loss — Tags: — admin @ 5:54 pm

Keep a weight loss Journal – some people equate keeping a journal with having a diary, but when it comes to weight loss they are entirely separate things. Yes, you are free to record your emotions and personal experiences in your weight loss journal, but it is also a valuable resource that you can use to record various tidbits of information that you will come across. Instead of just a place where you vent your frustrations, it can actually serve as a guidebook that you adapt and change as you progress towards a healthier body. Usually people just go about things without a proper plan in place, but starting with a weight loss Journal will help to keep you organized and on track whether you want to lose weight in a week or come up with a long-term sustainable plan.

Inventory your diet – most people have absolutely no clue what they eat on a regular basis, or specific numbers related to caloric intake or fat content. While you don’t have to get obsessed with numbers completely, it’s important to at least keep track of what you eat on a daily basis. For the first few weeks of your fat loss plan you don’t even have to make changes if you don’t want to. It’s more important to see what types of food you eat under normal circumstances and from there you can build a healthier approach. Take note of how often you need each day, what type of selections you gravitate towards, and exactly how much you eat as well.

Consult your doctor – hopefully you have been keeping in regular contact with your doctor and getting normal checkups. Your doctor can actually be a wonderful resource for tips tailored specifically to your situation. After all, he or she will know your medical history and other bits of information that will be useful as well. It helps to get perspective from a trained professional with regards to fast ways to lose weight rather than trying to do everything by yourself. Your physician might be able to open your eyes to certain methods or adaptations that you would not have come upon yourself. And if you are planning to incorporate exercise into your plan (which you should) you need to be fully aware of what you can handle.

Cut out the bad foods – so you’ve made steps to prepare yourself for a new healthier diet, now where do you begin? The simplest step is to start cutting out all of the high calorie foods with no nutritional content. Chances are you have some of them in your diet and they might include things like soft drinks, cookies, chips, ice cream, or candy. You might also want to take a look at what you eat for your main meals and see if there are things you can eliminate their as well. Anything that resembles burger and fries or pizza can be safely taken out of your diet without any negative health consequences. Cutting out the bad foods is an easy way to make sure you start lowering your caloric intake in a healthy way.

Put in the good foods – now the plan gets a little bit harder because you have to make adaptations that you might not be used to. Some people automatically jump to the conclusion that they have to fill their diets with things like fruits and vegetables until they lose all the weight they want. But remember, we are thinking about your long-term health in addition to a fast way to lose weight. If anyone is going to stick with a diet then they have to make healthy substitutions that they actually enjoy eating. No amount of willpower is going to carry you through a diet if you spend every waking hour craving certain foods. You also have to make sure all of your nutritional needs are met because you are more likely to crave things like fat, sugar, and sodium if you cut them out completely. The key is to find healthier avenues to provide your body with those elements without going overboard.

Learn how to cook – don’t worry if you aren’t all that confident in your culinary skills. When your health is at stake you will find a way to learn, and there are plenty of ways to express your creativity in the kitchen even if you don’t have a lot of experience. Anyone who is looking for fast ways to lose weight will be doing themselves a big favor by learning how to cook their own meals so that they have complete control over what goes into their mouth. Don’t trust your fate or your weight to restaurant chefs or even pre-packaged food that you buy at your local grocery.

Healthy snacks – more people are moving away from the traditional three meal a day model toward something that includes snacks as well. Eating healthy snacks at regular intervals can help to keep your metabolism going in addition to helping you not overeat during your main meals. The trick is to keep your snacks healthy and not fall for the temptation n of fast food items or things like doughnuts and cookies. There are plenty of wonderful snack alternatives that come in the form of nuts, dried fruits, and of course vegetables.

Start drinking water – try to eliminate things like soft drinks, coffee, and even sugary juices. Water is the best drink you can have whether you are trying to lose weight or not. It helps to keep your skin looking great in addition to making sure you have energy to get through the day as well. A lot of people are actually a touch more dehydrated than they realize and this can lead to overeating. Water is the basic fuel (besides food) that keeps your body running at peak efficiency so make sure that you get enough of it on a daily basis.

Read the labels – it’s time you started to educate yourself about exactly what you are eating. You don’t have to understand every bit of information that comes on the label of a particular food, but there are some common elements to look for. Always take a look at the fat content in addition to the amount of calories in a single serving. Most importantly – make adjustments in the numbers you looking depending on the serving size. Sometimes people think that they can enjoy a particular food because it only has 50 calories, but that might be per item in the bag!

Start exercising – now we come to the part where most people start to complain. They want to be able to do things without having to put on a pair of running shoes or signing up for a gym membership. But the fact of the matter is if you are looking for the fastest way to lose weight, that exercise is going to be your best friend. You should also broaden your viewpoint regarding exercise to include different activities that you might not have considered previously. In other words, it’s not all about jogging around a track or hiking over a mountain. Any activity is good activity, especially if you have not had any type of workout in a while.

Eventually you want to build up to more intensive exercises that might even include setting up your own personal gym with home exercise equipment. But when you first start out, how about going for a walk after dinner? You can also enroll yourself in team sports and the fun you have will be a nice distraction from the fact that you are actually working out. Obviously, if you have a more strict timeline in mind then you might lean towards more intensive exercises such as running, cycling, or using something like a rowing machine.

Build up your muscles

Weight training – remember that fast weight loss is all about burning calories while controlling your intake at the same time. You can build your body in a healthy way to naturally burn more calories by creating more muscle mass. How can you do that? The simple answer is to engage in various exercises that force you to use your muscles. Weight training narrows down the task specifically using various pieces of equipment or techniques. The key areas you might want to focus on include your stomach, arms, and legs. There are plenty of ways to build muscle in these areas and you will be able to burn more calories while in a state is a fast way to lose weight indeed.

Don’t fall for shortcuts – obviously if you don’t have health in mind than the fastest way to lose weight is to simply starve yourself. You might even be tempted by various diet pills or over-exercising as well. Remember that anything that seems too good to be true definitely is when it comes to weight loss. You know the formula you have to follow and there are no shortcuts that will end up with good results if you have your overall health in mind. So don’t waste your time or possibly ruin your metabolism by engaging in unhealthy methods of weight loss. Remember that in any given week, a healthy goal to aim for is to lose two pounds. That might not sound like a lot for some people who want to lose more, and you can certainly have a higher goal – just make sure to use healthy methods.

Stay off the scale – people who are trying to lose weight quickly are always tempted to get on and off the scale to see how well they are progressing. But sometimes this causes you to lose focus on what’s important and that is maintaining an overall healthy approach. If you can manage it, stay off the scale until you are two weeks into your plan rather than doing it every day. As long as you follow the basic principles you should be losing weight and getting on a scale certainly isn’t going to make that happen faster.

Do it with a friend – trying to lose weight all by yourself can be a terribly isolating experience. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that other people struggle with it as well. This is why if you want to find a fast way to lose weight, it can help to have someone else on board so that you can keep each other on track. You can support each other emotionally while working out at the same time, and that can come in incredibly handy when trying to stick with your weight loss plan.


There you have it, these are the basic principles you need to keep in mind if you are trying to find a fast way to lose weight. The exact amount of weight you lose is dependent on your goal in addition to how well you can adapt your plan into your daily schedule. But it basically boils down to knowing what you eat, finding areas where you can make changes, increasing your chance of long-term success with changes that you can live with, and then burning calories on a daily basis through exercise. If you really want to improve the speed at which you get results than you can amp up these key areas to maximize weight loss. Again, just make sure that you have your overall health in mind so that you get healthy long-term results instead of temporary weight loss that actually damages your body.

July 10, 2014

The Best Exercises to Lose Weight

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There’s no way around it – if you want to lose weight then you are going to have to exercise. Whether you are trying to lose belly fat or simply have a goal of overall fat loss, the only way to achieve this is through a healthy program that includes some form of activity. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t able to find an exercise that you like right away. Not everyone is suited to be active and sometimes exercising can seem more like work than a recreational activity. The important thing is to pursue of variety of different workouts to try and find the perfect match. Here are some of the best exercises to lose weight.

Walking – there is no better place to start off than with walking. If you have not been active in awhile you probably won’t be rushing to join a fitness studio right away. In fact, you might even get winded by simple activities. Walking is a great way to ease back into some form of activity, and it can be relaxing and enjoyable as well. To increase the effectiveness of walking, you can walk faster or up inclines.

Running/jogging – this is probably the most common exercise that people think of when it comes to losing weight. This is a natural progression from walking when you are able to handle greater distances for a longer period of time. You can start off by alternating between walking and running for minutes at a time before you feel you are able to sustain regular jogging. When you feel you are ready, you can add sprinting into the mix to maximize your metabolism. Remember to invest in the best pair of running shoes you can find.

Step aerobics – the main attraction of this type of work-out is that it can be very fun. You can do it on your own or join a class to make it a more social experience. A step-aerobic routine can be as relaxed or intense as you wanted to be, and you can do it while watching television or listening to music. Best of all, you can burn up to 400 calories in just 30 minutes.

Swimming – this is a popular recreational activity that can give you a full body workout as well. Just think about all of the various muscles that you use in order to keep yourself afloat. Swimming is a great way to gently build up your muscles in addition to giving you cardiovascular exercise as well. You can do this activity on your own, join a class in a community centre, or buy some home exercise equipment. Here is a short guide to different types of home exercise equipment.

Tennis – tennis is another great activity that will work different areas of your body. You will use your legs to run, your arms to hit the ball, and your body to keep your balance. In terms of cardiovascular activity, it is sure to raise your heart great and help you to work up a sweat. You don’t have to be an expert to play tennis either since two beginners can have a lot of fun playing from the half-court.

Jump rope – for a lot of people the last time they did anything with a jump rope was in elementary school. But jumping rope is a great way to give you an intense workout in a short period of time. Just try it for 5 minutes and see how your heart rate gets going. There is a reason why jump rope is incorporated into many training routines, it will also help your balance and hand eye coordination as well.

Remember that fast weight loss is much more than picking the best exercise is to lose weight. You should try to narrow in on a few activities that you can actually stick with. And be careful not to overdo it because there’s the definite possibility of getting injured or developing back pain if you haven’t exercised in quite a while. Don’t be afraid to mix up your workout routine between low-intensity exercises and once that are high-intensity. Giving yourself a bit of variety is the best way to produce fat loss results in addition to giving you the greatest odds of being able to stick with it.

April 10, 2014

Bad Habits that lead to Weight Gain

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I had never really paid too much attention to my weight until one day I sat down and noticed that I had a big spare tire around my gut. I guess it had been there for quite some time but now it was becoming uncomfortable. I realize that the shape of my body had changed dramatically and I was no longer who I used to be. I looked carefully in the mirror and saw that I was building in places that I didn’t even know I had. I had become overweight and it seemed like something that happened gradually, although the shock of the realization was rather sudden. At first I didn’t know what happened but after I took some time to get perspective on the situation I realized that all the information I needed was right under my nose.

I took a step back and decided to assess my eating habits and what led me to the problem in the first place because I consumed too many high cholesterol foods to avoid. I realized that I really had to improve the way I approach food or else I would continue to gain weight. I had very bad eating habits that included skipping meals on occasion or overeating at night time. Sometimes I would skip breakfast thinking that it would be a good way to drop a few calories for my daily routine, but all I was doing was setting myself up for lower energy levels throughout the day. I also found it incredibly difficult to resist pigging out at night time and there were many times when I would consume large amounts of junk foods past 10:00 PM. These were two of the worst habits that I maintained on a daily basis and it was no wonder that they lead to weight gain.

I think that time, or a lack of it, played an integral role in my weight gain as well. I was extremely busy which meant that I didn’t have enough time to cook meals for myself. Sometimes after a particularly stressful day at work I would simply go to a drive thru an order two burger combos at a time. It saved me the effort of having to cook for myself that also meant that I was consuming a lot of unhealthy food. I also made soft drinks a regular part of my diet and it would be not uncommon for me to consume at least three of them in a single day.

It was important for me to be realistic about my own eating habits so that I would know how to change them in the future. After picking out my worst habits I was able to adapt a planned that would help me to get on track. But it wasn’t until I took a good long honest look at myself there I was able to see where the problems were. If you are in a similar situation I recommend recording various bits of information for several weeks so that you can come up with a resource that will help you to curb bad eating habits. Looking at exercise patterns is also essential and further information can be found here to get the best exercise equipment to fit your needs.

Another habit that I am guilty of is being entirely too obsessed with my weight situation. I realize that I spend way too much time thinking about my weight and how I look in general. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I’m more worried about how other people will see me or if it’s just for health reasons. I have to admit it’s a bit of both, which I’m guessing is the case for many people as well. In this world that we live in, it’s hard not to constantly think about your personal appearance. It seems this is something that everybody is obsessed with in one way or another. I can see how younger people with even a lesser developed sense of self can become completely engulfed with these types of things if an adult like me is having problems as well.

When you spend too much time obsessing over something, it will lead you down the wrong path in many cases. I know for certain I was making bad food choices for a period of time that were not healthy for me at all. Thinking about food and your weight every single minute of the day can cause you to lose your overall perspective on the situation. Once that happens, sometimes common sense gets thrown out the window and you find yourself doing things at you normally wouldn’t. This is why it’s important not to isolate yourself or stew in your own thoughts especially if they are negative.

I know for certain that I spend too much time looking in the mirror and ending up and off the scale to see where my progress is going. I’ve also been tempted by fancy diet plans or even the thought of liposuction as an option. In the end, I realize that it’s far better to focus on a healthy body because that is one thing that will solve a lot of my worries. I healthy body will automatically equate to being more fit, even if I’m not going to be super skinny. Fortunately, I learned a long time ago that being skinny doesn’t automatically equate to health so it’s never been a major concern of mine. I just want to look decent while feeling proud about my body.

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