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July 10, 2014

The Best Exercises to Lose Weight

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There’s no way around it – if you want to lose weight then you are going to have to exercise. Whether you are trying to lose belly fat or simply have a goal of overall fat loss, the only way to achieve this is through a healthy program that includes some form of activity. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t able to find an exercise that you like right away. Not everyone is suited to be active and sometimes exercising can seem more like work than a recreational activity. The important thing is to pursue of variety of different workouts to try and find the perfect match. Here are some of the best exercises to lose weight.

Walking – there is no better place to start off than with walking. If you have not been active in awhile you probably won’t be rushing to join a fitness studio right away. In fact, you might even get winded by simple activities. Walking is a great way to ease back into some form of activity, and it can be relaxing and enjoyable as well. To increase the effectiveness of walking, you can walk faster or up inclines.

Running/jogging – this is probably the most common exercise that people think of when it comes to losing weight. This is a natural progression from walking when you are able to handle greater distances for a longer period of time. You can start off by alternating between walking and running for minutes at a time before you feel you are able to sustain regular jogging. When you feel you are ready, you can add sprinting into the mix to maximize your metabolism. Remember to invest in the best pair of running shoes you can find.

Step aerobics – the main attraction of this type of work-out is that it can be very fun. You can do it on your own or join a class to make it a more social experience. A step-aerobic routine can be as relaxed or intense as you wanted to be, and you can do it while watching television or listening to music. Best of all, you can burn up to 400 calories in just 30 minutes.

Swimming – this is a popular recreational activity that can give you a full body workout as well. Just think about all of the various muscles that you use in order to keep yourself afloat. Swimming is a great way to gently build up your muscles in addition to giving you cardiovascular exercise as well. You can do this activity on your own, join a class in a community centre, or buy some home exercise equipment. Here is a short guide to different types of home exercise equipment.

Tennis – tennis is another great activity that will work different areas of your body. You will use your legs to run, your arms to hit the ball, and your body to keep your balance. In terms of cardiovascular activity, it is sure to raise your heart great and help you to work up a sweat. You don’t have to be an expert to play tennis either since two beginners can have a lot of fun playing from the half-court.

Jump rope – for a lot of people the last time they did anything with a jump rope was in elementary school. But jumping rope is a great way to give you an intense workout in a short period of time. Just try it for 5 minutes and see how your heart rate gets going. There is a reason why jump rope is incorporated into many training routines, it will also help your balance and hand eye coordination as well.

Remember that fast weight loss is much more than picking the best exercise is to lose weight. You should try to narrow in on a few activities that you can actually stick with. And be careful not to overdo it because there’s the definite possibility of getting injured or developing back pain if you haven’t exercised in quite a while. Don’t be afraid to mix up your workout routine between low-intensity exercises and once that are high-intensity. Giving yourself a bit of variety is the best way to produce fat loss results in addition to giving you the greatest odds of being able to stick with it.

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