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November 27, 2015

Is Exercise Enough for Weight Loss?

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Starting Monday morning many thousands of men, but mostly women, will head to the gym in order to burn off the excess calories they have consumed over the weekend. Many will work out for several hours or take several aerobic classes each day in an effort to lose unwanted pounds. If exercise was all it took to lose weight, why aren’t these people slim and fit? There will be some initial weight loss usually the first three weeks when some start to exercise and this encourages many to continue. However, many become very discouraged when they see slow weight loss or no weight loss after working out regularly and diligently.

We see gym members who look exactly the same after working out regularly for 5 years. Why? Because exercise is not enough for weight loss or transforming your body. Exercise is very important in weight loss, if it is done correctly. However, for real results changing your nutrition is essential for permanent weight loss, performance, energy, health and in reaching fitness goals. How important is correct nutrition? In order to really change your body, it is estimated that nutrition makes up 70% of your program. But in reality percentage is even higher than that.

To lose weight permanently, you need a personalized nutrition program that will promote fat loss while maintaining lean mass. More and more people eat out regularly because their lifestyle is so busy, but for real results we need to learn how to shop for the right foods and prepare them correctly. So many women do not cook anymore and so whole families are leaning on fast foods or prepackaged foods for nutrition. Through wellness nutrition you can learn how to simplify your food preparation and save money. When you learn how to eat more healthy foods you will be able to enjoy permanent weight loss.

Through a thorough health screening, each weight loss candidate should receive personalized nutrition for their own personal goals. It is very important that you know your personal protein requirement, for example, and the amount of calories you will need to consume to lose weight. So many are either eating too few calories or too many. You need to know what you need exactly!

So, if you are discouraged because you cannot lose weight or get to the next level, call a fitness trainer or wellness consultant for assistance.

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