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March 5, 2014

Dieting is Hard

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I have never had much luck with dieting and I wasn’t even sure what the term meant in the first place. There was a time when I considered dieting to simply be the act of limiting what I eat and controlling my daily menu. It had a negative connotation and every time I wanted to drop a few pounds I told myself that I had to go on “a diet”. I would start to think about how many salads I had to eat or how I could replace my favourite junk foods with fruits and vegetables. There were times when I even skipped meals because I thought it would be a healthy way to supplement my diet since I wasn’t getting as many calories. But more often than not, I would lose weight and then quickly proceed to gain it all back. It was a frustrating process that left me tired and defeated and not to mention hungry all the time.

Finally I decided to look at “diet” from an overall perspective rather than something that had to be done when I wanted to lose weight. I started to think about diet in terms of what I eat on a daily basis and how I could come up with a plan to make sure that I stayed healthy. I started to keep track of every type of food that I ate and this played a big role in helping to keep be organized. I also took stock of how many calories I was consuming on a daily basis and what types of foods they were coming from. It wasn’t until I started to write everything down that I realized the true nature of my eating habits and once I had this information, I was able to come up with a more prepared plan that I can stick with that kept me away from weight loss myths.

One of the best things I ever did was to learn more about food in general so that I wasn’t completely clueless about what I was putting into my body. It wasn’t difficult to find ways that I could change my eating patterns so that I could be healthier, although there was a bit of a challenge in sticking with the new alterations at first. But with time I became used to my new plan and I serve to enjoy the healthy foods that I was consuming. I also took a lot more effort with preparing my own meals so that I can use the healthiest and freshest ingredients possible. It really helps when you are able to cook your own food so that you know exactly what you are consuming. None of this has been a breeze but I find my solid results incredibly motivating. I am also able to stick with my dedicated plan because I make sure to address all areas of nutrition so that I don’t end up starving myself. I highly recommend taking thing seriously and assessing the situation as a whole if you are looking to come up with the daily diet that you can live with.

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